Intro to Alpine - Snow Climbing

This into level clinic is designed to offer an affordable course which introduces many of the key aspects of recreational alpine climbing in the late Spring/early summer snow. We will focus on operating in a non-glaciated environment, much like the summer technical 14ers in CO.

This course will be taught by AMGA certified and trained mountain guides and outdoor educators.  It will take place both inside and in the field to look at the different components of having a safe successful day in the mountains.

Some of the key skills covered:

  • Basic map and compass review and digital tour planning tools
  • Weather resources and planning
  • Gear check and pack check (how to go light but have what you need)
  • Reading mountain terrain and how to move through it un-roped  (helmets but no ropes)
  • Basic climbing knots and belay methods.
  • Ice axe and crampon use
  • Snow self arrest
  • Application of basic belay methods
  • Rappelling techniques

Required gear list:

  • Sturdy hightop, light-weight mountaineering/ hiking boots
  • Gators
  • 20-30 l backpack
  • Appropriate layers for the season.  Including rain gear, insulating layers, warm and sun hats, 2-3 pairs of gloves.
  • Climbing helmet, lightweight harness.
  • Lightweight Mountaineering Axe
  • Alpine Crampons with anti-balling plates

$150 per person, based on a minimum of 3 people.

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